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So, what makes a business website Great?

Maybe it is the way it looks. It could be down to the volume of traffic it attracts. Or is it because you got it real cheap?

Our Answer

A great website provides the right solutions, to the right people at the right time. Only then will you get a return on your investment.

Good looks and popularity boost this return and is the proverbial icing.

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So, ideally we need to understand what you want your site to achieve. What is Your Goal?

Are you looking to get more customers through your shop door? Are you merely wanting to spread awareness? Is it sign-ups to your newsletter that you're really looking for? Or do you have that one amazing product that can be sold online by the bucket load?

We may decide you don't need a website. an eBay Shop or a Facebook Page may be perfect. We'll tell you that. We can build this for you too.

With all our questions answered, we can start to understand the challenges you face and the goals you want to hit and the market you want to target.

we can now start to build a really effective website and make this website pretty.


Visitors to websites decide whether to stay or click away in little under half a second!

We REALLY have to make an impression, quickly. Your website needs to be easy to understand, a pleasure to look at and simple to use.

We want to take this visitor by the hand and gently provide them the answers they are looking for and the product the want.

Consideration to colour palettes, positioning of text, buttons and other elements, even the wording are all fundamental to maximizing the user's experience and the chance of them reaching your goal.



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